By KEN COLLINS   Ken Collins

Welcome to the 3rd iteration of HomeMarks! My personal bookmarking application that I hope changes the way you work on the Internet.

Homemarks v3 promo efe246e7066b0fe943c768d51a6fd5439f7c4398ac55dd7332ab647fa6b1736aHomeMarks is your new todo list, internet springboard, research assistant, inspiration repository, and application launcher. This version has been a long time coming and we are finally here. Many thanks to my family, friends, and beloved coworkers that have supported me along the way.

Existing User?

If so, you will have to reset your password in order to login. We switched to a more secure password hashing algorithm but could not migrate your encrypted passwords over. So please use the forgot password page to get up and running.

The HomeMarks browser bookmarklet has been completely rewritten. After you log in, please install the latest browser bookmarklet in your bookmark bar.

Lastly, the native HomeMarks iPhone application has been discontinued. HomeMarks v3 has been written for the desktop and tablet devices, specifically the iPad. We plan on releasing a updated iPhone application but that will likely be a few months down the road. In the meantime, use the web application from your iPhone's mobile safari and stay tuned for updates.

What's New

Homemarks v3 dark theme 7695816f946cf8cebfe296a79f202a58dc99152b3cb64b01411ad3a790232069Everything! Check out the updated Help & Documentation section for all the great details. Here is a list of what you can expect.

The Nerdy Details

HomeMarks v2 was written almost 6 years ago. and its age was showing. Back then there were no fancy JavaScript MVC frameworks. I had written my own entirely in Prototype.js. Nowadays I write all my JavaScript using CoffeeScript and for this particular project used Spine.js, a much lighter weight version of the popular Backbone.js framework.

The HomeMarks application is my own custom design that leverages some rather clever CSS preprocessor techniques using Sass. Its elegant simplicity belies many of its technical achievements. Over the coming months I hope to share many of them on the HomeMarks blog. So stay tunned and thanks for stopping by!

Ken Collins
Twitter @metaskills
HomeMarks is your new todo list, internet springboard, research assistant, inspiration repository, and application launcher. Bookmarks Reimagined!
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